Rideshare Programs 


Capitol Rideshare provides State employees with information and assistance about ridesharing. We offer online matching for carpoolers, preferential Rideshare parking permits, incentive programs, an emergency ride home program, assistance forming vanpools, transit and transit subsidy information and routing direction, bike information, an interactive website, and education to employees about alternate mode information.

Capitol Rideshare is responsible for the marketing and education of alternate mode options for our employees.  We promote the benefits and rewards of reducing the commute through programs such as the Commuter Club, the Clean Air Campaign,  Platinum Pass, Preferential Parking, Online Matchlists,  and Vanpool Subsidies. We educate employees about these programs through media such as our bi-monthly newsletter and our website. It is the role of Capitol Rideshare to encourage employees to leave their cars at home for their commute.


In an effort to get the word out, Capitol Rideshare conducts special events and information campaigns to further promote the cause for cleaner air. Reducing carbon monoxide pollution in the winter, ozone pollution in the summer, and particulate matter year round are major factors in the design and thrust of our programs. The High Pollution Advisory Program is also communicated from our office. Our programs are employee choice based and available to all State employees in Maricopa County. Information and applications for our program can be found at www.capitolrideshare.com.


Some of the program components of Capitol Rideshare are outlined below. Please review and be familiar with them.

Capitol Rideshare offers:

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We offer State employees the ability to do their own matchlist online and receive immediate results!  You can access it from our website at www.capitolrideshare.com/services/matchlist/. Doing an online matchlist is quick, easy, and fun! By entering some basic information, employees will receive a matchlist, complete with a map, that shows who may be available to carpool. It is important that your employees use their work email address when logging on to the system.  It is quick, safe, and easy to use.


There is no official Coordinator duty in regards to the online matching service – just be familiar with it.



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When two or more employees form a carpool and carpool at least three days each week, they are eligible for preferential parking (where offered). Each individual in the carpool must complete an application (obtained from you, online at www.capitolrideshare.com/services/carpool-parking-permit/, the Rideshare Review, or Capitol Rideshare) and submit them, attached together, to Capitol Rideshare. Upon receipt of the applications, Capitol Rideshare then processes the applications and assigns ONE parking permit decal (to be displayed in the driver's windshield) to that carpool. Capitol Rideshare then sends the decal permit, along with the request receipt form to YOU to distribute. You are to call your employee, have them pick up the permit from you, sign the receipt form, and return the form to Capitol Rideshare. It's that easy!



  •  Turn in applications to Capitol Rideshare (by the Coordinator or employee)

  •  Coordinator receives decal back along with request receipt form.

  •  Coordinator distributes the decal to appropriate party, has them sign for the decal, and returns the form to Capitol Rideshare.

The 2015-2016 static cling permit: This permit is valid thru 6/30/16.


The 2016-2017 static cling permit: (will be issued for FY17)


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Commuter Club Incentive Program
State employees who ride transit, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, or walk to work two times or more per week, are eligible for the Commuter Club. Club members receive a free taxi ride home in case of an emergency, a newsletter subscription to Commuter Club News, and they can participate in a discount program at businesses throughout the Valley.  As a Coordinator, we will issue you a VIP membership as well.

  •  Free Emergency Ride Home

  •  Discount Card for Local Restaurants, Entertainment, Goods, and Services

  •  Newsletter Subscription

  •  And More!

The 2015-2016 Commuter Club Card:(first issued 7/1/15)


The 2016-2017 Commuter Club Card: (will be issued 7/1/16)


There is no cost to join. Capitol Rideshare wants to reward State employees who are doing their part to help improve the air quality in our Valley!


In addition to those employees submitting an application to join, any State employee who applies for a Rideshare parking permit will automatically become a member of the Commuter Club. Additionally, if a member refers another State employee for membership, the referring member will receive a magnetic photo frame, courtesy of Capitol Rideshare.


Applications to join the Commuter Club can be obtained online at capitolrideshare.com/services/commuter-club/, or from a recent issue of The Rideshare Review newsletter, or a standard Rideshare application may be used.  The employee will send in their application and their membership packet will be sent directly to them. 


Information about the Emergency Ride Home Program


Each member of the Commuter Club (CC) is eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program on the weekdays on which they use transit, or carpool, walk, or bike to work.* CC members are allowed TWO emergency rides home each fiscal year. Rides home are not transferable from one fiscal year to another or from a CC member to any other individual.


All emergency rides are coordinated through Capitol Rideshare. If the employee should require an emergency ride home they must call Capitol Rideshare’s Emergency back line at 602.542.3634 and the representative will determine if they are eligible. If the trip is warranted and the employee is eligible, the Capitol Rideshare representative will coordinate the pick up ride for them. ONLY TAXI RIDES AUTHORIZED BY CAPITOL RIDESHARE WILL BE ELIGIBLE. The program is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday on non-furlough days. Additional details are explained on the employee's Commuter Club membership card.


Abuse of this program will result in membership being revoked and their manager notified. The Emergency Ride Home Program is tentatively planned to last from now until the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, with at least two weeks notice.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to budgetary restrictions, the Commuter Club Card WILL NOT be replaced in the event that it is lost or stolen. *Registered Commuter Club members are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home benefit. Ride benefits are not guaranteed in all types of situations including pandemics, loss of employment, natural or man-made disasters and transit strikes.


There is no official Coordinator duty in regards to the Commuter Club and Emergency Ride Home Program – just be familiar with it.

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Platinum Pass: The Transit Subsidy Program

In an ongoing effort to improve air quality in the Valley, the State of Arizona provided for a transit subsidy program. As a State employee in Maricopa County, 50% of the state employee's work-related transit expenses will be paid by the State of Arizona. This program is implemented through Platinum Pass.

The Platinum Pass is like a credit card for transit.  When you board transit, you tap the plastic card on magnetic card reader on top of the farebox. You can ride transit as many times or as few times as you want - you will only be billed for your actual number of rides that month. The total will never be more than the cost of a monthly pass, no matter how many times you ride. The amount owed is payroll deducted, minus the subsidy amount.  The payroll deduction for Platinum Pass will be taken from your paycheck by the first pay period of each month. When you sign up for Platinum Pass, you will be issued a card that features a personal identification number.


All State employees working in Maricopa County and paid through the State's central payroll system are eligible to participate in the Platinum Pass Program. This does not include university and State Compensation Fund employees.


The role of Capitol Rideshare and Platinum Pass is marketing only. Once the employee submits their application to their personnel office, Capitol Rideshare is no longer in the process. If you have an employee who is waiting for a Platinum Pass or lost their card, please have them contact their personnel department or the General Accounting Office at ADOA. Capitol Rideshare cannot assist them at that point as it is a payroll deduction issue.

The Platinum Pass applications are processed by the General Accounting Office (GAO). Please direct your HR staff to follow your agency’s procedures for submitting completed applications to their office. This is the contact information that we have on file for GAO:

1. Phone: 602-542-6084
2. Fax: 602-364-2215 (if you fax the application, then do NOT send a separate email)
3. Email:
Central.Payroll@azdoa.gov (if you email the application, do NOT send a separate fax)


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Vanpools are a wonderful way for employees who live a long distance from work to commute. Usually the vanpool consists of 9-15 passengers. Capitol Rideshare is pleased to promote the vanpool program that is administered by the RPTA/Valley Metro. The van is supplied by Valley Metro. Currently, State employees who commute in a Valley Metro vanpool are eligible for a $20 monthly subsidy. Drivers of the vanpool are also eligible to receive additional benefits. If your employees are interested in forming vanpools, please call our office to schedule a vanpool presentation at your agency.



At least twice a year, remind employees, via email, that vanpool opportunities exist. Offer to host a vanpool presentation meeting and contact our office.


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Clean Air Campaign


In an ongoing effort to educate employees about their alternate mode options, Capitol Rideshare participates in the Clean Air Campaign every year. Four times a year, we ask employees to try a different way to work for at least one day. The idea is to get them to just try it. Then, the employees usually submit an entry or a "coupon" for their participation. This coupon makes them eligible to win various prizes in our drawings. Coupons are always available online at www.capitolrideshare.com/special-promotions/clean-air-campaign/ or through our newsletters.


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Social Media and Rideshare

Click the logo to see our page.

Capitol Rideshare provides up to date transit information online on Facebook. Social networking is an effective way to get up to the minute information and news. Feel free to friend us on Facebook. We feature fun contests, information, and traffic alerts. If your agency does not allow Facebook access, no worries, you can log on from home.


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